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What is it Really Like to Work Full Time in an RV?

In a word – AMAZING

Don't get us wrong; work is still working. We don't want to make working from your RV to sound like a fairy tale because that would be a great exaggeration.

There is a lot of discipline to working from an RV, especially if not everyone in your family has the same work schedule, which is the case with us. In our household, Pam works a full-time remote job and a couple of side jobs, and Erik makes sure that Pam doesn't starve!

Erik does EVERYTHING else, cleaning, laundry, RV maintenance, cooking, shopping, reservations, and about 100 other things that Pam isn't probably aware of because she's working! Oh, and he also is a contractor, so he picks up side jobs as we travel.

And I'm Pam; I just launched our website, I run our Instagram and Facebook accounts (although admittedly, most of the time this is Instagram because doing both can be exhausting and I enjoy Instagram so much more). I also plan on launching our YouTube channel very soon, so stay tuned!

One of my favorite quotes that I've heard recently from the Netflix show Grace and Frankie is, "If you want something done, give it to a busy person." It seems accurate for both of us!

So back to what it is like working in an RV. I've worked remotely from home for about nine years now. It takes a lot of discipline and self-motivation working remotely, and I believe that many people found this out the hard way during COVID-19. Multiply that times 10 in an RV, especially if you are working with the ocean just outside your door as we did in Key West for three months! You have to be laser-focused on getting work done!

You also have to have a reliable internet connection, and that sounds easy enough, but alas, sometimes that can be a challenge. You have to be able to pivot because what worked today just fine, may not work tomorrow. I'll save those details for another blog. If I can pass one piece of advice on an internet connection, it's to leave it to the pros! (The advice that is). It is so important that this is only our second blog, and this is the second time I will ask you to check out Mobile Internet Resource Center. Everyone's internet needs are different, and they break down all of the plans and options and explain why they work, which is a puzzle in itself!

So why did we say "amazing"? Well, I will tell you - it is amazing to be done with work and walk on the beach 5 minutes after shutting your laptop. It is amazing to wake up Saturday morning and have a different place to explore right outside your door than last Saturday morning. It is amazing to meet new friends who share your desire to travel. For Erik, it is amazing to play golf in so many different locations, and for Pam, it is amazing to visit dozens of beaches within six months. We both LOVE the beach.

And that is what it is really like to work full-time in an RV.

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