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Why We Decided to Sell Our Home

This Story Took a Few Turns!


If you had told us two years ago that we would be selling our house, we probably would have laughed. I moved into this house in 1989, and my son was born in 1992, and he has grown up here. Erik moved in about 15 years ago with me, and we've had an incredible life! We also paid off the house a few years ago, so we were very comfortable not having to worry about a mortgage.

As we have gotten older, we have realized that we want to travel, see different parts of the country, and spend time in warmer climates during the winter. It sure does get cold in Indiana! When we initially were thinking of buying an RV, we wanted to go full time right away. We knew this was the life for us! HOWEVER, as we began planning, we got cold feet selling the house.

Part of the reason we were timid was the fact that we know we want to spend summers in Indiana with our family. Keeping the house would guarantee that we'd always have a place to come back home and rest from traveling for a while. So, on our first 6-month adventure, we kept the house. My son, mom, and father-in-law were excellent about checking on the house, and we had a security system also. We regulated the heat for the winter months with a programmable thermostat, and we hired a lawn company to rake for autumn, remove snow in the winter, and cut grass in the early spring.

Here's the thing...When we got back home, we were underwhelmed with moving out of the RV and back into the house. Why? We are not entirely sure as we have a full-sized washer and dryer, dishwasher, two baths, fast internet, A/C without much effort, and a back yard with our squirrel friends that is almost unheard of in a subdivision

Here's the funny part of the story! We had our RV in our driveway during the summer and it fit, but it sure did stick out like a sore thumb when you drove through the neighborhood. So, we decided to extend our driveway. We were here; it's summer, we were keeping the house and planning our next RV adventure in the fall. At the very least, we should have our RV in a nice spot, right?

That's Better!

HOWEVER, about a week after our Fuzion had a new place to stay, we went on a walk. We go on walks every day, but on this walk, we started to talk about our RV reservations and scheduling everything again for everyone else to take care of our house. I believe we both, at the same time, looked at each other and realized that our home is the RV. During that walk, we decided if we listed the house and it sold, that would be our answer. Well, we didn't even list it! Through word of mouth, before listing the house, we got an offer. We both believe that was indeed a sign!

So, in looking back, should we have sold the house before our first trip? Probably not! We needed to learn how to live in the RV first. There's a lot to learn. It's not always glamorous, and we don't want to portray it as such. It's not cheaper than living in a house, it's not always as convenient as living in a house, but for us, the travel capabilities is what sells this lifestyle. As for coming back home to Indiana in the summer, we can still do that! Home is wherever we park our Fuzion.

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